Seamless Acoustic Treatment

Seamless acoustic treatment. Beauty and technology come together for an effective acoustical solution. Built on site. Installed to fit. No extra cost.
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Precision Sound

Our acoustical solutions can be integrated into any space to provide sound dampening, sound isolation, sound absorption, sound control and sound correction.

Venues of All Sizes

Specifically engineered for your venue, big or small, our acoustic panel systems deliver precise noise control while enhancing aesthetics. Our engineers keep your room from sounding like a gym, while our design team keeps it pleasing to the eye.

Form and Function

Custom colors. Custom design. Custom installation. While our acoustical treatments get the job done, they can be engineered to disappear or stand out. Work with architectural designers to customize the look that is right for your venue.

“Acoustech recently worked with us at Mountain View Community Church to install sound dampening in the whole sanctuary. They were time efficient, cost effective, and personable in their work. Prior to Acoustech’s work we were facing major sound issues. Our building had no sound dampening material and was nearly impossible to control the sound on a Sunday morning. We had talked about installing acoustic material, but had not found a good price or good looking material. Acoustech’s product and work are both incredible. Not only does the sound dampening material help our sound techs control what the room sounds like on a Sunday, it looks great, too! The room became more pleasant to the eyes as well as the ears. We were pleased to work with Acoustech, are pleased with the final product, and look forward to working with them again for any of our future needs!”

Lawrence Smith, Worship Pastor
Mountain View Community Church