“I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for the fantastic product and installation last week. While I had hopes that treating the back wall would help our audio situation, I was completely taken aback at how much better the room sounded after being treated!

During a music/worship set yesterday, I pulled out my in-ears and listened to the house. I mentioned to our sound tech that I could hear each and every note being played, whether it was guitar, keyboard, etc. The clarity of sound was scary good. In fact, I mentioned to my band that we will have to step up our game, as we can no longer count on the room to hide any mistakes, poor timing, etc.

Your crew was extremely professional and efficient while on campus, and took care to ensure a 100% successful installation. We are beyond satisfied with the product Acoustech and their crew provided us.”

Tom Coyan, Pastor of Worship Arts
—Calvary Manteca

“Acoustech recently worked with us at Mountain View Community Church to install sound dampening in the whole sanctuary. They were time efficient, cost effective, and personable in their work. Prior to Acoustech’s work we were facing major sound issues. Our building had no sound dampening material and was nearly impossible to control the sound on a Sunday morning. We had talked about installing acoustic material, but had not found a good price or good looking material. Acoustech’s product and work are both incredible. Not only does the sound dampening material help our sound techs control what the room sounds like on a Sunday, it looks great, too! The room became more pleasant to the eyes as well as the ears. We were pleased to work with Acoustech, are pleased with the final product, and look forward to working with them again for any of our future needs!”

Lawrence Smith, Worship Pastor
—Mountain View Community Church

“Often times people put all their attention in a good sound system, but if the room has terrible acoustic, wonderful audio and a needed message may never be heard. Our new sanctuary building that was the situation, but with the partnership of Acoustech, we were able to transform our audio environment significantly for much greater clarity. This allows us the privilege of continuing to prioritize making great music that honors God and impacts people.”

Jon Shabaglian, Minister of Worship/Creative Arts
—The Word Community Church

“After working with Acoustech on two commercial design-build projects, I’m convinced that they see their role as a member of the team instead of only providing a product.  They view the project holistically and then drill down into each item to identify where efficiencies can be gained or better solutions can be implemented. In our projects, not only did their recommendations save significant money, but we received a better product as a result. They understood the vision of what we were trying to accomplish, and they functioned as a partner to deliver.”

Dave Sather, Audio Technician
—The Well Community Church